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  1. My goodness, that is a whopper of a poison ivy vine! I know that poison ivy plants are beneficial to critters, but I pull every one I see because I am pretty allergic. I got a rash over a year ago that lasted for months and was quite painful, as well as unsightly.

  2. I’ve heard some nice things about your friend, Fred First.

    I have something that looks like that all over my tobacco shed. The old owner told us it was poison oak. I don’t know. But I must be immune to these poisonous things because I am outside in the brush and the trees and the weeds every single day and I’ve never had anything but a very tiny mild rash for a day or two. Hope what you said about it being cumulative is not right. Chiggers are what gets me.

    My girlfriend had a bad poison ivy rash on her hiney. (We cowgirls have been known to go outside.)

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