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Marx: Capitalism and Alienation

I ended my last post with the thought about how I would have more to say in the future about how Haystack upended my world. I’m not ready to go there just yet but in that future post I hope to show how the following essay explains just how my experiences at Haystack have led […]


Haystack Mountain School of Craft was founded in 1950 and moved to its present location in 1962 after the State of Maine took most of their property via eminent domain for a highway. I found a video taken at Haystack in 2009 on YouTube but it was taken when there were no students there so […]


My last three weeks at work were very interesting. On May 17, I handed my boss a short letter giving him three weeks notice and he did not respond to it favorably at all. He pleaded with me to re-consider but I told him that I wouldn’t. His reaction didn’t make it easy for me […]

Fortune’s Fools

While cleaning out my inbox, I came across an unsubscribe request to Cyrano’s Journal and decided to re-subscribe to it. I sent a link to the site to a friend of mine and she came back with a glowing review of an essay she had found on the site. I read it and agreed. It […]


It’s been a month of challenges – I worked until March 15th, when I went on vacation to Virginia to work on my property. I told my boss before I left that I was going to devote some serious thought to retirement while I was on vacation. He told me not to make a rash […]


Last year, I worked for two days on a piece that I grew unhappy with and set aside, prophetically writing in a post last year “that I was entertaining thoughts of cutting it in half and using the pieces in a different way.” I reworked the base of that piece for the base of the […]


This year was the fourth time I’ve attended the sculpture class at Touchstone Center for Craft in Farmington, PA. Touchstone suffered some severe damage during this past winter – heavy snow brought down the roof of the dining hall and the hall had to be demolished. At one time, 7.5 feet of snow had accumulated […]

Busking in Indiana

in 2005, I had a wonderful opportunity to travel to London to stay with a friend for a few days and take in the John Singer Sargent show at the Tate London. While there, I explored London a little bit by traveling on the Tube (the subway) where I saw signs at the entrance to […]

Echos From the Past

I’ve been interested in sculpture since I was a young boy. I remember collecting pot metal from the door handles of junked cars, melting it in a coffee can over a wood fire, and pouring the molten metal over bunches of dead grasses that I had collected. The results were unique and visually interesting. I […]

Two Small Creations

Touchstone, like most craft schools, holds a weekly auction of student work as a fund-raiser for the school. Every Thursday evening, when classes are in session, there is an auction of student work. Sometimes, the auctions are quite lively and prices soar beyond my reach. Other times, I have been able to afford one or […]