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  1. That’s funny, how people have to know what something is called. It’s the same thing with people themselves. They want to know who you are as in Kurt’s wife, or Debi the mother, or Debi the writer, reader, horseback rider. Sometimes I am just Debi. Like the stool is just an object of beauty. You can get out of it whatever you want. Or need.

  2. I’m so happy to read about your life-changing experience at Haystack, Jeff. And I’m glad to get another look at your wonderful hobbit bird-watching stool—I love it! I do think the most transformative art experiences are the ones that shake us up. I know that for me, as a writer, reading other’s good writing excites me so that I have to get up sometimes and pace about or go for a walk. It’s so energizing. And I feel the same way when I create writing that I feel good about (doesn’t happen a lot, but it feels wonderful when it does!)

    I look forward to reading more about your Haystack days.

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