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The Tea Party phenomenon, as readers of this blog know, has caused me great consternation. But it has also spurred some research that has proven fruitful in my understanding of how America really works, something that is frightfully absent among the Tea Party set. Those who attend Tea Party rallies are filled with a burning rage because their entire world has been turned upside down due to forces beyond their control. They are angry and are lashing out, like rabid dogs or cats do when the disease is in its final stages. Occasionally, they make correct connections, but not very often. I found this interesting little article on the About North Georgia website and will be doing more research in coming weeks to substantiate the statements made in the piece. I have known for a number of years that some of our Founding Fathers were not exactly what they were made out to be in our school textbooks, but to find out that they were smugglers …. well … that is interesting! Anyway, here is the article, for your consideration:

“While Americans fought for liberty, some of the founding fathers may have had a different Liberty in mind. Smuggler John Hancock and his sloop, yes, you guessed it, Liberty, was seized by custom officials on June 10, 1768. Over the next year smugglers like Hancock reduced the amount of tea purchased in the colonies from 320,000 pounds to 520 pounds. Boycotts also affected the amount of imports. By 1772 the East India Company had 18 million pounds of unsold tea in warehouses and 1.3 million pounds sterling of debt. Its largest creditor, the Bank of England, refused further credit. To save the company, and undercut the smugglers, Britain passed the Tea Act. On behalf of John Hancock & other known smugglers, Sam Adams & the Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of Tea worth 9,659 pounds sterling & six shillings into Boston harbor [on December 16, 1773 – ed.].”

Yes, Liberty does mean different things to different people, doesn’t it?

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