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Introduction to the Corporate State — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, that was quite a post, Jeff. I couldn’t read it all at once—I had to come back and read it in bits and pieces. And even then, I’m like Debi—I didn’t quite grasp all the concepts. But I do grasp all too well how the right-wingers are stirring up a lot of my fellow blue-collar friends with populist propaganda. And I understand all too well that our country is ruled largely by the heads of corporations. But, like Debi, I would ask—what can we do about it since the people we vote for seem to be beholden to those corporations rather than the people who voted them in?

  2. So true! Ha…I just submitted that two word comment only to be told it’s too short! Guess you’ve decided if you were going to take the time and energy to write a dissertation that comments should at least have some time and energy given back 🙂

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