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  1. Thanks, Jeff, for all the links to such thought-provoking pieces. Seems like this has been the strategy of the far-right all along—whip people into a frenzy to divert their attention from who their REAL enemies are, and make them believe that they’re badass, rugged individualists thinking for themselves when, really, they’re not thinking at all.

  2. As I say on Facebook all the time when I post a link to something important, like about Citizens United for example (which no one knows what it is), the ones who need to read this, won’t.

  3. I’ve been reading Mark Ames on and off for a few years now and enjoyed re-reading this. He and Yasha Levine and Matt Taibbi were in Russia in the 1990s and had a magazine, The Exiled. I interviewed Yasha about a story on foreclosures while he was living in Victorville, CA. He and Mark Ames are very smart and very brave. They actually do investigative journalism.

    I made a rather big inroad last week on the subject of guns. I told a local conservative gun guy that I found people who said things like “they will have to come and get me and pry that gun out of my cold dead hands” were just playing defense. I said I was more interested in people who were willing to actually fight for something. No revolution ever happened with people hiding in their houses. I had made this point before, but Mark Ames’ article really reinforced my ideas and helped me be more articulate about them.

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