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  1. I often think of the similarities between the horses and people when I am working with them. They are in sync because they are safe that way. When one lifts his head because he smells danger, the others follow. The most aggressive horse becomes the herd leader. He shows that he’s the boss by getting the other horses to move their feet. I show I’m the herd leader in the round pen by “chasing” the horse and making him move his feet. When he gives in to me and submits, by looking in my direction, because he is tired, I let him stop and rest (he comes into the circle next to me) as a reward for showing his submission. He realizes the comfortable, safe place is with me and so he allows me to be his boss. That’s how we control such a big animal. He will follow me around freely, with no ties. If he doesn’t submit, I keep sending him around the round pen, making him move his feet. He’s in danger on the outer part of the circle because he’s alone and he’s uncomfortable. He’s safe next to me. Now if he came into me and I smacked him, he would not trust me and he would develop bad habits and probably be unrideable. The herd boss must be kind and consistent. However, the herd boss will eat first and if there is not enough food, the weaker ones who eat last will die. I see bureaucracy as smacking people in the face and so people are up in arms and the weak are dying because there is not enough food. One day, someone else will move up in the herd order because the herd is not being taken care of. I hope.

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