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10 Reasons to Stay in Afghanistan — 4 Comments

  1. Jeff! I was being sarcastic! Even if I did think war was a good idea, never in a million years would I think a good enough reason is to give someone a job! Especially a child! My point is poor people are, oh, what’s the word? tricked? led? brainwashed? into this because they have no other options–they can’t even afford to keep a doublewide over their heads and they are wooed with promises of being able to get a wonderful education and endless opportunities if they just serve their country for a few years. We’re taking advantage of poor children. It’s really not unlike what that guy Kony is doing in Africa, stealing people’s children and turning them into soldiers (killers).

    • Ahhh, the limitations of the written word. Sigh… maybe if you had put the number 11 in front of your comment, I would have “gotten” it. My apologies.

  2. And what will happen to all the boys and girls from Oklahoma who have no other prospects, no chance of getting a job that pays well enough to keep the roof of a doublewide over their heads? What will they do? How will they get an education for god’s sake?!

    • Assuming that you are being serious and not facetious, let me see … if the cost of one soldier for one year in Afghanistan is $1 million, hmmmm …. let me do the math … how many college degrees would that buy? How many farms? How many pensions? Really … think it through and stop buying the line that sends poor people to their deaths in foreign countries to satisfy the greed of “defense” contractors. I mean … damn …

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