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  1. Our news station kept showing the same clip over and over of a local father, red-faced with outrage that his son was going to be forced to watch our President give a speech about the importance of education and how he was going to keep his son out of school that day. And all I could think is how his kid would probably grow up to be just like his Dad—a dumb (and angry) sheep never learning to think for himself. Why bother when you have people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh telling you how and what you think?

    • Oh, did they really, JimmyZ? Prove it, you spineless reactionary moron. I want a URL that proves your assertion – a specific URL that shows that “liberals went nuts” over this particular speech. You don’t have the cojones to come back and answer. All you can do, just like your buddies, is throw out insults and then run and hide.

  2. Couldn’t help yourself and stay away from the politics, could you? lol I know Jeff–they are CRAZY. And mean. The more silly and mean stuff they do, the more turned off of them I get. They are simply blowing a fuse because they lost the election. That’s all. I just feel sorry for this president. He’s one of the best presidents we’ve ever had and truly a good man, and he gets nothing but attacked. I’m looking forward to his talk tonight. I hope he’s pissed enough about all this craziness that he puts his foot down.


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