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I haven’t posted since April 26th, the longest since I started this blog back in September of last year. The reason is that I’m burned out — I’ve delved so deeply into the “conservative” mind that is so prevalent in the religious right that I’ve started to become tarnished by the narrow-minded, ignorant and hateful bigotry that is so common among the ideologues inhabiting that world. After posting the penultimate post, Fair Taxes and Tea Parties, I went back and read it over and over again, astonishing myself each time at the depth of bitterness that it reflected. I started this blog because I was extremely alarmed over the phenomenon of Sarah Palin and I’ve educated myself and hopefully I’ve educated my readers about what she represents. It is clear to me that this country, which, according to Abraham Lincoln, once enshrined the principles of “government of the people, by the people and for the people” has mutated into a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy. I am immensely distressed that a very substantial majority of Americans are enablers, in a thousand ways, of this state of affairs but I no longer have the energy to tease out the strands of how this has happened and what might be done to re-energize the progressive movement in this country. The election of President Obama is a small step in the right direction, but it will take far more pressure than he can exert to defeat the powers of the financial elite that has destroyed this country. The resources for educating yourselves to accomplish those aims will remain in the sidebar categories, but I will be devoting my energy in the future to more satisfying and nourishing fields of inquiry.

It is time for me to move on and get away from these narrow-minded anti-government hate mongers and refresh my spirit in the waters of the arts and the permaculture movement, which, other than a few posts on sculpting at Touchstone and my property in Floyd County, you weren’t aware of my interest in.

For the time being, I’m going to take a break and catch up on the issues of The Sun Magazine, Permaculture Activist, Yes!, and Orion Magazine that have piled up in the months since I began this blog. I also want to read some books that I’ve bought on themes that I’ve uncovered while doing research for previous posts. This is a time of retrenchment and reflection for me. I’ll be back, but I won’t be posting as often as I’ve done in the past.

I’ll part, for the time being, with this wonderful introduction to Permaculture:


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  1. You’ve done good work here, Jeff, and I can appreciate the energy it took to unravel, expose and explain the complex, embedded threads of dysfunction in what our country has morphed into. I’m personally very grateful for your efforts and glad to have this blog as a learning resource; I’m guilty of immersing myself in topics and issues related to sustainable farming and sticking my head in the sand when it comes to Big World politics, economics and such. You’ve given me a huge leg up on awareness and opened up my mind to a great many things in a very short time, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

    Permaculture is an abiding interest of mine also. I’m looking forward to any and all future posts, as retrenchment and reflection allows…

  2. Hi Jeff! I saw you on Blue Country Magic and strolled over. Interesting site! We are on a diverse family farm near Catawba. Have been interested in permaculture. The video was a great intro. Makes me want to learn more. I appreciate your political workings out. As a liberal conservative christian, or maybe conservative liberal christian, it has been a bit messy trying to learn to live with my brothers and sisters in Christ who have it all wrong (in my humble opinion.) Takes so much energy… So I now have nice talks about farming and sustainability, cheesemaking and Tolstoy instead of trying to knock sense into their heads!

    Good to find your blog. Come by and see us at Grandin Community Farmers market on Sats. I’ll give you a loaf of bread.

  3. I’m with June — seems like there’s a bunch of us these days dealing with burnout, and it’s hardly a surprise. Once we get invested in things we care deeply about, we start to feel guilty if we let up for a while, as if we’re personally responsible for, say, climate change, Sarah Palin, or other disastrous and seemingly inevitable forces of nature. We DO have to do something about these things, even to the point of self-sacrifice, but I continually have to remind myself — with varying degrees of success — that if I don’t stop to recoup now and then, I’ll do no good to anybody. (Besides, we will need to save our energy for the end times if Brother Limbaugh runs for president in 2012!). Enjoy your books. Recharge. The time “away” will only strengthen you.

  4. Not surprising to hear…it’s exhausting to think about such things…which is why, of course, not many bother to do. Looking forward to seeing you in Floyd!

  5. Jeff, I, for one, have appreciated your very thorough research and the thought and consideration that you have put into each post. I do completely understand your feeling of being burnt out. But I hope perhaps you’ll write about your sculpting or other artistic pursuits. Or perhaps tell us more about Permaculture. Whatever you choose to write about, I’m sure it will be as enlightening as your other posts. I look forward to reading anything you care to write!

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