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I’m going to a house concert tonight at Palm Lodge, a house built out of Dade County pine in 1912 and a designated historical landmark. After the closing of Main Street Cafe in Homestead three years ago, my friends opened their house as a venue for concerts as a way of keeping the musical community in the area together. Tonight, the performer is Amy Carol Webb, a very well known folk singer from Broward County. I hope she sings her anthem, Stand! tonight – if not, I’ll put in a special request!

Amy Carol Webb.jpg

Amy Carol Webb has a website, of course, where you can order merchandise. She also has a MySpace page where you can listen to some of her artistry.

Update: Amy sang Stand!, all right and with great audience participation. Amy is really good with audiences and all of us had a great time! Thanks, Amy!


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  1. You keep bringing new aspects of south Florida to me. I spent too much time for too many years on golf courses. Much better now that I’m into photography instead. Say, your trip to Floyd should be nearing, no? The 8th?

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