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A friend just sent me a link to a very disturbing YouTube video that I think everyone should view. Granted, most of the population of the United States lives in urban and suburban areas and have little connection to Nature and its beauty and violence. I’m told that there are people who don’t know where their meat comes from – they think it comes from the store and have no idea that it is from a slaughtered animal. Be that as it may, I don’t think what Governor Palin supports in this video would be acceptable, even to the majority of ranchers in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and other states that are much more rural than the eastern United States.

Take a peek and see if this view towards Nature squares with what you believe. Is this practice acceptable to you? Do you think this is a practical response to a problem, if there is one?

If you think this is not so cool, pass this link on to others that might benefit from seeing it. Please.


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