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A Provocative Presentation

I started this blog in September, 2008 because I was terrified of what Sarah Palin represented. For quite awhile, I struggled to put into words what I stood for, politically. I studied conservatism, liberalism, and a lot of other “isms” and have come to the conclusion that I am none of the above. I am […]

The Tragedy of Empire

My opposition to the war in Afghanistan should be well known to long-time readers of this blog. There is a movement building across the country to put, in concrete terms, the amount of money being wasted on that boondoggle. A new video trailer from the Rethink Afghanistan project is an eye-opener. It wouldn’t hurt to […]

Why I Can Not Support Obama

By nature, I’m one who thinks humans are mostly good and that belief has led to severe disappointments over the years, most recently in February of this year. A number of years ago, a supervisor whom I was filling in for told me that he had a better understanding of human nature because he was […]

Liberals Are Useless

I’ve posted pieces by Chris Hedges before – a little goes a long way. But I’m sufficiently ticked off by Obama’s Afghanistan surge to post another of Hedges’ pieces and I’ve even borrowed the title of his article as the title of this post because I think it is provocative enough to catch people’s attention. […]

Did Obama Get Back-Stabbed?

Some will say that I’m beating a dead horse, that, yes, we all know you oppose Obama’s Afghanistan policy. True enough. But I think articles like the following, by Mark Perry, need to be distributed widely so that an informed citizenry (yes, that could be an oxymoron!) can better evaluate what is transpiring in Washington. […]

An Explanation & Apology

My last post was, as a friend has repeatedly told me in the past, shrill. In my defense, I was filled with despair when I posted it. When I wrote, “You lie!!!”, I meant it very seriously, on multiple counts, unlike Representative Joe Wilson’s outburst some weeks ago, who was only concerned with the immigration […]

Facts for a Meaningful Veterans Day

In the mindless patriotism everywhere on display on Veterans Day, the true cost of militarism is deliberately suppressed by the ruling class. If the facts in the following article, by Kelly B. Vlahos, were widely known, I have no doubt that the wars of aggression by the American Empire would be much more strongly opposed. […]

How Should We Thank Veterans on Veterans’ Day?

This year, on Memorial Day, I posted a piece asking people not to thank me, as a veteran, for serving my country. I’ll repeat that for Veterans’ Day. This country’s gratitude does not extend to really taking care of veterans. Veterans’ Day should be a day of remembrance and reflection on the horror of World […]

Is Obama A One-Term President?

Obama lost my vote in 2012 when he decided to send an additional 34,000 troops to Afghanistan. I’m over him – he is a silver-tongued gutless marionette whose strings are being pulled by the military-industrial complex and Wall Street. Truman had the cojones to face down Gen. MacArthur over the Korean War but Obama, a […]

Introduction to the Corporate State

This post has been in the works for quite a long time and I will be using it as a basis for further investigation during the months to come. The previous post, which addressed some causes of the Boston Tea Party not commonly known, is related to the topic of this post in that in […]