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Marx: Capitalism and Alienation

I ended my last post with the thought about how I would have more to say in the future about how Haystack upended my world. I’m not ready to go there just yet but in that future post I hope to show how the following essay explains just how my experiences at Haystack have led […]

Another Turning Point

After 34 years in the telecommunications industry, I’m hanging up my hooks next Friday, June 7. It’s been a wonderful ride, but a few years ago, when AT&T bought BellSouth, the lug nuts started loosening up and then the wheels fell off, one by one. For the last few months, the chassis has been dragging […]

Capitalism, Socialism, & Community

Still searching, still learning … I found these comments on a socialist site and I’m posting them for future reference. I think he is quite correct when he states that there are three reasons why capitalism has disrupted traditional communities: first, the destruction of rural villages and towns, second, capitalism’s emphasis on extreme individualism and […]

A History of Labor Day

Today is Labor Day. Yes, the day that the working class is celebrated and honored. Say what? Working class? Perhaps you thought it was just a paid day off when you could travel or have a picnic with friends and families and anticipate the start of regular season football games? The distressing truth of Labor […]