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It’s been a month of challenges – I worked until March 15th, when I went on vacation to Virginia to work on my property. I told my boss before I left that I was going to devote some serious thought to retirement while I was on vacation. He told me not to make a rash […]

Private Enemy No. 2

Close behind the oriental bittersweet on my list of unwanted plants is the multiflora rose bush (rosa multiflora). It was introduced in 1886 from China, Korea, and Japan as a rootstock for ornamental roses and then promoted by the federal government in the 1930s as a living fence for farmers and as a source of […]

Private Enemy No. 1

When I was in Floyd last summer for the first time, I was astonished at how lush and green the woods were. At the time, I had no idea how much of that lushness had been contributed by an invasive exotic vine, Oriental Bittersweet (celastrus orbiculatus), which was identified for me by Jason Rutledge a […]

Healing Forests

Last summer, when I hired John Sutherland and his Bull Hog, I was thankful that the machine didn’t scar the landscape any more than it did. The work he did was immensely helpful, because, for the first time, I could orient myself on the property and not be lost in thickets of briars and multiflora […]

Adventures in Asheville

After a hectic three-day trip to Floyd County, VA, I drove south, to Asheville, where a recently retired friend of mine lives. I hadn’t seen him since March and he seems to be settling into retirement well, given the scary financial situation that all retirees are facing these days! He took me on a tour […]