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Posts from ‘May, 2012’

Social Dominance Theory

I’ve had the book, Social Dominance, by Jim Sidanius and Felecia Pratto, lying around my house for a couple of years now. I hadn’t gotten around to reading it because I wasn’t ready for the ideas that it contains, apparently. I started this blog back in September of 2008, in reaction to the horror I […]

Right Wing Authoritarians

Like most people these days, I don’t read as many blogs as I used to. But I still read some that I think are important. One of those is Ian Welsh’s blog – www.ianwelsh.net. One of his posts, on the famous Milgram experiments, led me to pick up and read, again, Robert Altemeyer’s The Authoritarian […]

The Fallacy of “There Is No Choice”

An article published on the website of The Socialist Appeal cuts to the core of my objections to Obama. There is a choice, but it does not involve voting for the lesser evil. It involves the hard work of convincing others that participating in the rotten political system that exists in this country is a […]

Wisdom from Ernest Callenbach

Epistle to the Ecotopians By Ernest Callenbach [This document was found on the computer of Ecotopia author Ernest Callenbach (1929-2012) after his death.] To all brothers and sisters who hold the dream in their hearts of a future world in which humans and all other beings live in harmony and mutual support — a world […]

Wisdom From Albert Camus

In these difficult times, wisdom comes from an unexpected source: Albert Camus. These words jumped out at me: “… I must state that I will never again be one of those, whoever they be, who compromise with murder…” Exactly right, and one of the many reasons I won’t vote for Obama. Camus wrote this essay, […]