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  1. I’m going to admit it. That was hard for me to stick with. You must be a very educated guy because I don’t think I’m a dummy. Not that I couldn’t understand it. But it was so dry–I hope you don’t mind me saying! Maybe these smart people who know all this stuff and write these articles would be able to help make changes if they actually spoke to the farmer. My neighbor is not going to read something like that and raise his pitchfork against capitalism.

    I couldn’t help thinking about how the big box stores (corporations) are going to be ruling us completely pretty soon. As soon as they put the last little guy out of business, their prices are going to skyrocket. People aren’t thinking about that. They think the prices for their Chinese junk are always going to be low. Once they skyrocket, we will have no choices. Then we’re going to be in big trouble. My visions of what this world is going to look like in the future resemble a science fiction movie. What can be done? I know you can’t rally people by giving them information they can’t understand or that’s too hard to work at understanding because we cogs in the wheel are TIRED.

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