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The Ratchet Effect — 3 Comments

  1. I read this earlier and have been thinking about it, Jeff. Seeing the news last night of Rick Santorum’s surge in popularity made me think some more . If he actually wins the nomination and enough folks vote third party, it could very well be just what he needs to win. And it would be absurd to suggest that there would be no difference between a Santorum presidency and an Obama presidency. Seriously, the idea of Santorum in the Oval Office is terrifying to me. As to the ratchet effect, it seems to me that someone like Santorum winning would simply mean not just one but maybe TWO clicks right. So, yes, I will be holding my nose and voting for Obama, though I do truly understand why you feel the way you do.

    • Please re-read the article, Beth. In voting for Obama, you are doing exactly what the author predicts. Only by voting your conscience will you start to defeat the ratchet. If this country is ever to get out of the ditch it is in, a huge number of people are going to have to realize that the Republicans and the Democrats are engaged in “good cop, bad cop”, as Debi observes. A pox on both their houses. Support the Occupy movement!!

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