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Manufacturing Consent

This is an interesting article, from Al Jazeera, of course, on how the corporate media in this country marginalizes dissent. If you plan on voting for Obama, do yourself a favor and at least read the article – it just might begin to show you that what pollutes the airwaves and print media in this country is far, far from the truth.

This article is further evidence of what I like to call the tyranny of television. Have you done any research on-line about Jerry Mander yet?

And yes, I am a contrarian!

An excerpt from the article:

“The American media deploys a deep and varied arsenal of rhetorical devices in order to marginalise opinions, people and organisations as “outside the mainstream” and therefore not worth listening to. For the most part the people and groups being declaimed belong to the political Left. To take one example, the Green Party – well-organised in all 50 states – is never quoted in newspapers or invited to send a representative to television programmes that purport to present “both sides” of a political issue. (In the United States, “both sides” means the back-and-forth between centre-right Democrats and rightist Republicans).”

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