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  1. Oh, there is no way I will ever vote Republican again after this fiasco of the last few years! I’ve voted Republican before. I was always interested in the Libertarian party actually. But I also care about people. ALL people. Don’t worry, I vote. It’s the least I can do.

  2. No point in hating the Tea Party. The Tea Party actually started off with good intentions but it got co-opted by the radical right very quickly. Just make sure that the next time you go to your polling place that you cast your vote to cancel others who vote for the Tea Party. Things aren’t going to get better for a good long time, but we can stop things from getting worse!

  3. I hate the tea party. They’re a big mob of brainwashed people who are too dumb to realize they are voting against themselves.

    Thanks for explaining all that.

  4. Yea, pretty much, though that was the Assembly and the bill has to be passed by the Senate, also. The fly in the ointment there is that the Democrats are in Illinois to prevent a quorum in the Senate so that no business can take place. If the bill somehow passes, then yes, collective bargaining on anything except wages, and then only up to the rate of inflation will be prohibited. That means there will be no collective bargaining over pensions, hours of work, overtime, schedules, vacations, smaller class sizes, more resources devoted to teaching, more power to maintain order in the classroom, nothing but wages and those wages can’t rise higher than the rate of inflation. Since inflation is triggered by the Fed, that means the teachers are going to get the short end of the stick. There are also provisions in the bill to sell off state-owned power plants to anyone the governor sees fit (no-bid), which has not been the focus of attention yet. All-in-all, a very Soviet-style giveaway-to-the-oligarchy-bill. But that’s what we get when the Tea Party takes control – and you thought that the Tea Party was all about freedom. They conveniently did not tell you that they were only speaking about freedom for the wealthy to screw everyone else.

  5. I couldn’t hear it well Jeff. Is what happened that they outlawed collective bargaining? If so, does this mean that only single people can compete against rich corporations and the people can’t get together and fight them? Is that what this means?

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