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Thoughts on Tucson — 3 Comments

  1. Of course they haven’t Beth. Jesus is powerful ammunition and some people simply use his name and the Bible to get what they want. This has been going on since the beginning of time and continues whenever someone needs some ammo–right down to the lady in Roanoke who is fighting with her neighbors because she started nailing stuffed animals on a dead tree and they are rotting there and have become a huge eyesore. Whether or not you think she has the right to do this, whether you think this is “art,” what I found ridiculous was that she claimed Jesus told her to do it. Com’on! This is one reason why religion shouldn’t have anything to do with politics or the way we run the country because some people “use” it.

    As far as the Tucson shootings, if people keep talking so mean, and I’m sorry but it’s the right more than the left, what can you expect? There are sick people out there who take it to heart. We are not allowed to yell “Fire!” in a theater when there is no fire. Words have power.

    This makes me think of when the election was happening and I was afraid to put an Obama sign on my lawn because I live in an area populated by passionate right-wingers. I SENSED I could be asking for trouble and maybe my property would be vandalized. Perhaps I got this idea that some people could get violent when I saw people shouting things like “Kill the nigger!” at the McCain/Palin rally that was in Roanoke. Most of those people at that rally would never do something to hurt another person. But I’m sure there were a couple of nuts in the audience who took Palin’s smirk in response to those shouts as approval. The people who do the bad things are the guilty ones and the people who encourage it, directly or not, have a hand in it as well. And the Jesus I know is not happy about any of it.

  2. Thank you, Jeff—very thought provoking. I particularly like the quote from Dr. King. I really wonder sometimes if some of these folks who call themselves “Christians” have actually read, REALLY read, the words of Jesus.

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