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Move Your Money

As the banking industry consolidated in the late 1990s, the bank that I had been with for years became some other bank and then another bank before it ended up being Bank of America. I left Bank of America when I got distracted by a video commercial on their ATM machine and left my ATM card in the machine. Fortunately for me, the next user was very honest and called me to let me know where to meet him to retrieve my card! I switched to Washington Mutual but when they got too big for their britches (their ATM didn’t work very often and their service was poor), I left them for a small community bank. It is a hassle switching banks, but would you continue patronizing a grocery store that sold you rotten fruit? We can complain until the cows come home about the state of the Union, but until we take matters into our own hands and make the changes in our lifestyles that need to be made, things won’t get better. You can bet that the politicians in Washington, D.C. are not looking out for your best interests, despite all the spin about health care “reform”.

Watch this video and then visit the Move Your Money site and do the right thing.

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  1. #1 Beth
    on Mar 28th, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Great post and video, Jeff. I’ll never look at “It’s a Wonderful Life” in the same way again. I am with a credit union now and I like it very much. They have higher interest rates on accounts and lower penalty fees than any bank I’ve ever seen. Plus, they make small “payday” loans at very reasonable interest rates. I do, unfortunately, still have my credit card through Bank of America, but I’m looking to change that.

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