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Facts for a Meaningful Veterans Day — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this article. What’s shocking to me is the lack of interest by most Americans, who are more concerned with the “balloon boy” incident than what’s going on with our service-people.

    This site: http://www.peer2.com/PSMgTm was created with a goal to get 111,111 pledges by Veterans Day. They didn’t even come close. Lets try to help them reach that goal by New Years!

    Please sign up to show your support and help raise awareness for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. You can use the icons on the page to quickly share with friends on various social media sites.

  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for posting Kelly Vlahos’ article about the facts about the human costs of war rarely reported in the press.

    Veterans for Common Sense helped blow the lid on the suicide epidemic in 2007 on CBS News. We also worked to uncover
    the Walter Reed scandal in early 2007 with Bob Woodruff and Brian Ross on ABC News:


    Here’s the latest news from VCS:


    Please keep spreading the word.

    Best, Paul Sullivan
    Executive Director
    Veterans for Common Sense
    Washington, DC

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