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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Memorial Day Thoughts

Contrarian that I am, you shouldn’t expect me to glorify Memorial Day – I’ll leave that to others. Yes, I am a veteran (U.S. Navy, 1968-1972), but I don’t want anyone’s thanks, because I joined (after losing a college deferment by dropping out) to avoid being drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam. I […]

Spring in South Florida

I’ve learned that folks who haven’t visited South Florida have the misconception that there is no winter here. While it doesn’t get cold by northern standards, the plants do slow down and many actually lose their leaves. Among native trees, the Gumbo-limbo (bursera simaruba) stands out in its nakedness during the winter months. It is […]

Permaculture in the Kitchen

I first subscribed to Permaculture Activist in May, 1992 and it has proven to be a gold mine of information over the years about the philosophy of permaculture. What is permaculture, anyway? The most concise definition that I can think of is that it is a way of living that applies the rules that govern […]

Crispy Critter

I haven’t posted since April 26th, the longest since I started this blog back in September of last year. The reason is that I’m burned out — I’ve delved so deeply into the “conservative” mind that is so prevalent in the religious right that I’ve started to become tarnished by the narrow-minded, ignorant and hateful […]