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In my last post, I lashed out at the ignorance of those who participated in the Tax Day Tea Party protests. I don’t apologize for that – it is time to start calling the regressives on their agenda.

For a different perspective on the power of the financial elite, you could do worse than to read this article in the current issue of The Atlantic.

Simon formerly worked for the International Monetary Fund and has written an article that should serve as a wake-up call to those who think that the economy is improving. As long as the financial oligarchy remains intact, the “recession” will not end.

Now, if the Tea Party protesters would take to the streets and demand the breakup of the banks that are “too big to fail”, I’ll take back all my unkind words. But I don’t expect that either of those scenarios will happen.


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  1. That Atlantic article by Mr. Johnson really cuts to the chase. And his IMF perspective lends a lot of credence to his viewpoint, imho. He’s seen this all before, up close, and I find it shocking that our great country most closely resembles the emerging-market paradigm that IMF has so much experience with.

    It truly was a quiet coup. I don’t think it was just the finance industry, either: Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Industry, Big Pharm – our nation’s politics aren’t by-the-people-for-the-people, not even close. They’re prostituted to the corporations.

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