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This is one of my all-time favorite songs and I think it is very appropriate to listen to it again, after the first days of the Obama administration. No, not all is perfect, but what a difference, eh?

Update 12/05/2010: I was looking at my visitor logs and found that someone had read this post. When I went to it, I found that the video had been removed from YouTube because the account had been deleted. So I found a new video – this is still one of my all time favorite songs, but I do think that my optimism was misguided at the time that I posted this. Who could have foreseen the mess that we are now in? Hope, it seems, does spring eternal.


I Can See Clearly Now — 2 Comments

  1. Even though I’m not able to watch the video, I’m very familiar with this song and like it, too. And I feel like I can sing it with some conviction now!

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