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January 15, 2009 would have been the 8oth birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. With the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as the nation’s 44th president on Tuesday, what would Martin Luther King, Jr. have to say about the current state of affairs? While I am pleased, along with about 200 million other Americans, with the election of Barack Obama as president, he can only guide us in the direction that we need to move. There have been almost endless suggestions of the changes that need to be made, by pundits from all over the world and from across the political spectrum, but who, other than Martin Luther King, Jr. has more insight into the changes that need to be made? After all, he spent his short life fighting for justice for the very people suffering most in the current financial crisis. Tikkun Magazine published Thad Williamson’s remarks, delivered at a Martin Luther King, Jr. teach-in, at the University of Richmond, on January 15, 2009. I thought the article was well-worth reading. Perhaps, after the frenzy on Tuesday dies down, we will ask that President Obama honor and follow the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr.


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