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For many years, I’ve been attracted to unconventional architecture, perhaps because of my affinity for sculpture. I’ve often thought that houses are “livable sculptures” and perhaps that is why I like organic architecture. I have three copies of Woodstock Handmade Houses, by Robert Haney and David Ballantine; a copy of Handmade Houses, by Art Boericke and Barry Shapiro; and a copy of The Craftsman Builder, also by Boericke and Shapiro. Plus numerous other books on organic architecture, cob building, and various other types of natural building. Colleen’s recent post on her stay at a cool hostel in Brunswick, GA has prompted me to “come out” on the subject, though I have posted before on the topic of cool architecture. One of the reasons I bought property in Floyd County is because there is a substantial community of folks who also like alternative and organic architecture. At any rate, for those who like this sort of thing, I thought you’d be interested in the work of Sun Ray Kelly. Here is a picture of one of his houses from his website:


I haven’t figured out what kind of house I am going to build, but it will likely be partially earth sheltered. My property slopes gently to the south, so it is ideal for building a passive solar house. It won’t be off-grid, but it will be as close to it as I can manage. But with the economy as it is now, commencing this “little” project is probably a few years off into the future.


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  1. Wow, what an intriguing house—I see what you mean by “livable sculpture.” I like the exuberance and energy of that house. I was eager to see more but when I clicked on the Sun Ray Kelly link, it led me to some very amusing and entertaining links, but I couldn’t find the one with photos of his houses.

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