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Christian Environmentalism

Some weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to the Defenders of Wildlife site, where I viewed a disturbing video that showed wolves being hunted from airplanes in Alaska. That video is on this blog – one of the very first posts that I made. I was shocked to view the video, but I also recognized that the Defenders of Wildlife had an agenda and so I did some further research into the issue. I came to the conclusion that a large number of Alaskans do not support hunting wolves from airplanes, but I also discovered that there were a number of power brokers in Alaskan politics that essentially over-rode the wishes of those Alaskans. That is not much different than what happens on a national scale on many other issues. The current hysteria over the world-wide financial difficulties not withstanding, it is rare that the people speak their mind and the politicians actually listen.

I have investigated Christian perspectives on environmental issues before, but Gov. Palin’s stances prompted me to do further research. Frankly, I am disturbed that there is so much finger-pointing and blame being assigned by all of the parties involved. If we are to come to a solution to our present difficulties, we have to put aside such infantile tactics and learn to discuss these ideas as adults.

In that vein, perhaps these resources will prove helpful:

Creation Care Magazine is a very good starting place for finding more resources about Christian environmentalists.

The Barna Group, a Christian polling organization, has released the results of a recent survey on Christian responses to environmental issues.

The Christians and Climate website provides some interesting sources for more information.

A random exploration of the resources on the Internet reveals that environmentalism is not a “hot” topic among Christians, but there are plenty of sites that address the issue, in a positive way. The Probe Ministries site is one of many.

Mother Clare Watts is the co-director of a mystical Christian school and order called the Order of Christ/Sophia. In this video, she presents her views of Christian environmentalism:

In the wake of Senator McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, it is critically important that we realize that those people represented by Gov. Palin do not own the debate in Christian circles on the environment. There are other voices that need to be heard also.

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