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An Evangelical for Obama

Like many in this country, I have been troubled by the religious right for quite a long time. As a person who sees many shades of gray, I am troubled by the intolerance and hatred preached by so many on the religious right. Senator McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin scared me badly and I set out to find some answers. I am not a conventionally religious person, so I had to overcome my apprehensions about the brands of Christianity out there. Offline discussions with a fellow blogger encouraged me to explore this sensitive topic and I have made some interesting discoveries. From a site which explores Christian Dominionism to a site which explores more moderate positions, Religion Dispatches, I have come to a better understanding of the issues which have been brought up by the Governor of Alaska.

In an earlier post on this blog (Similarities?), one of the videos showed the crowd reaction at a McCain/Palin rally in Colorado Springs. The video below is also from a rally in Colorado Springs and it gives me hope that there is a future for rational discourse over topics of concern to all Americans.

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