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I received an e-mail as a “reply-all” from a person who has been described to me as a very nice, decent person. I’ll let you make up your minds, but I will also insert into the narrative my rejoinders.

“I can’t believe that any American could honestly endorse this blatant Socialist [Obama]. When he raises the minimum wage and starts taxing all the small businesses who do you think will pay/ possibly all those “middle class” that he says are going to get the break?”

Who is the Socialist? The Bush administration has been privatizing the profits and socializing the losses for years. The latest example is the socialization of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. That was after socializing Goldman Sachs back in March. And what about the latest plan to take the toxic debt off the books of all of the distressed banks? That’s not socialism? You’re right, it isn’t socialism – it’s facism.

Go ahead, don’t raise the minimum wage. But be prepared to print more food stamps, pay more for medical insurance to cover the costs of emergency room medical care for those with no insurance, pay for more prisons and police to jail people involved in the drug trade because they can’t get a decent job …. the list is endless. If people can’t work for a decent wage, then they will survive somehow.

The “Middle Class” is a figment of everyone’s imagination. It existed 30 years ago, before Reagan, but it has joined our civil rights on the list of items we no longer have.

“[Obama] just doesn’t get it, lower taxes brings more money into the treasury.”

Hmmmm ….. lower taxes brings more money into the Treasury? How does that work? And even if it did work, how does that money get spent? To help us or to help the elite? Build more schools or build more prisons? Buy more bombs or develop solar energy?

“The really scary thing though is his pacifist nature will strip our military and leave us vulnerable to attack form radical Islam as well as the Russians.”

Last I knew, Obama was going to increase the number of men and women in the military. Attack from the Russians and radical Islam? Huh? I haven’t seen any Russian battalions lurking off the shores of New York lately. Maybe the Russians are coming through Alaska? Radical Islamists aren’t any scarier than the radical fundamentalists behind Gov. Palin.

“His whacko energy policy of ‘it’s ok to have $5.00 gas as long as the price rise isn’t too fast’, don’t drill for any oil, just suffer with outrageous middle east prices for the next two decades while we develop the electric car and what electric airplane?”

Oh, the outrageous middle east prices for oil has nothing at all to do with commodity speculators or increased demand in China and India. I’m so stupid – I’m just one of those idiot liberals. Excuse me. Electric airplane? That’s a new one on me — anyone else heard of that invention?

“The very survival of our country is at stake if we don’t get our own oil we will forever be held captive to the mid east, Russia, and Chavez,”

I happen to think that the very survival of our country is at stake if John McCain were to die in office and Gov. Palin were to be elevated to the Presidency. I also think that if we pay the market price of oil, no matter how high that may be, that we would easily find sellers. After all, isn’t that how the free market works?

“What happens if we wind up in a war withRussia or if Iran starts up with Israel and the Arab oil is cut of for us?”

The only way we will end up in a war with Russia is if Gov. Palin attains the presidency. Has anyone seen Iranian brigades massing on the Iraqi border ready to cross Iraq on their way to Israel? The Arabs are going to sell their oil to the highest bidder – a war isn’t going to stop that, though a war might damage the pumping equipment.

“He will say anything to get elected.”

And John McCain and Sarah Palin are shining examples of honesty and moral rectitude? Sure. I have a bridge in Gravina that I want to sell you.

“We know nothing about him except that his closest and most trusted advisor for twenty years spewed hate America and make whitie pay.”

Must be a reference to Rev. Wright. It is indeed news to me that Obama’s preacher was a paid advisor to him for 20 years. Do I detect the slightest bit of racism here? Oh, no!! Can’t bring up the “R” word. Or the “N” word. But Gov. Palin’s preacher is an end-times fundamentalist who believes in Armageddon and she also was prayed over by Thomas Muthee, who is a preacher in Africa who drove out a “witch” in a small city because she was the source of the ills afflicting the town. Thanks, I’ll take Rev. Wright.

“His close friend William Ayers is a known terrorist.”

Yep, he was a terrorist, no doubt about that. Emphasis on “was.” But people change and he is now a professor at a university. I suppose you have been a church going Christian for your whole life? You help at the soup kitchens every weekend and you support your community by helping the poor and disabled? Oh, and abortion clinic bombers and doctor killers are not terrorists because they are doing the work of God. Right.

Friend, you are so full of hatred that I’m surprised you haven’t split open. It would be an excellent idea if you would take your Bible and go read it and study it for a good long time. That experience might make you a better person. Start with the Ten Commandments – you might learn something.

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