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The Driveway in Summer

Foolish me! When I saw the disturbed soil along the edges of the driveway in early April, I thought that I might have to have someone scatter grass seed in those raw areas to prevent erosion. Nope. Problem solved – just wait for Nature to take over. I don’t know all of the plants that […]

Deer-tongue Grass

Now, there’s a name! This plant came to be called this because the leaf supposedly resembles a deer’s tongue. Not being a hunter, I have no idea what a deer tongue looks like, but perhaps a hunter will see this post and comment. I found this alongside the driveway, in mottled shade and took a […]

Wild Anise

One troublesome plant that is present on my property is multiflora rose (rosa multiflora). On my early visits to the property after I bought it, I looked around and saw quite a number of large rose bushes and also a fair number of smaller plants. In early Spring, when wild anise (pimpinella anisum) is small, […]

Yellow Birch

I’m not certain about this one, but my best guess, from studying the Virginia Department of Forestry tree identification guide and doing further research on the Internet, is that it is a yellow birch (betula alleghaniensis). If I’ve learned anything from posting these findings it is that I need to take more pictures of leaf […]

Damson Plum

The Damson Plum (prunus domestica) is not, strictly speaking, a native of Virginia. The plant was introduced to the Americas by English colonists long before the American Revolution. So, while it has been in this country several centuries, it isn’t a native. But I’ll leave the bickering over what is or is not a native […]

Shagbark Hickory

There are four different hickorys native to southwestern Virginia: bitternut, shagbark, mockernut, and pignut. Shagbark hickory is easy to identify because of the shaggy bark, but the others are a little bit more difficult. This photograph is very likely of a shagbark hickory (carya ovata), but there is a chance that it could also be […]

Summer Grape

Last fall, I posted a picture of a summer grape (vitus aestivalis) vine that wasn’t all that big, but I knew that I had larger ones on the property. Here is one of them: This one is climbing a black locust but it may be all over the canopy of an adjacent tree by the […]

Post Oak

This one was easy for me to initially identify – I knew it was an oak. But which one? There are 7 different oak species in southwestern Virginia. Using my plant identification guide, I was able to identify this one as the post oak (quercus stellata). This tree typically grows on rocky or sandy ridges […]


The hawthorn (crataegus spp. L.) family, I discovered, is a large group of shrubs and small trees that are nearly impossible to identify as separate species. Wikipedia says that “a reasonable number is 200 species” but “some botanists in the past recognised a thousand or more species”. When I read that, I gave up trying […]

White Dogwood

Flowering dogwood (cornus florida), as all Virginians should know, is the state tree. Early on, I noticed numerous dogwoods on my property – they are gorgeous in the spring when they bloom! On this trip, a friend told me that his grandfather had told him that if you find a lot of dogwoods on a […]