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Marx: Capitalism and Alienation

I ended my last post with the thought about how I would have more to say in the future about how Haystack upended my world. I’m not ready to go there just yet but in that future post I hope to show how the following essay explains just how my experiences at Haystack have led […]


My immediate reaction to the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, several days after the event (I don’t have a TV, nor do I want one), was amazement at the amount of military force deployed to capture two individuals. I waited, patiently, for a response from more thoughtful individuals and sure enough, […]

Capitalism, Socialism, & Community

Still searching, still learning … I found these comments on a socialist site and I’m posting them for future reference. I think he is quite correct when he states that there are three reasons why capitalism has disrupted traditional communities: first, the destruction of rural villages and towns, second, capitalism’s emphasis on extreme individualism and […]

Another Step on the Road

It’s time for my monthly update, I suppose. I’m not sure how it happened, but I stumbled across the Commons movement recently and everything (including hierarchy) has suddenly come into focus. It’s been a long journey and I surely wouldn’t have predicted that in September 2008 I would be where I am now. I’ll be […]

The Heights of Hypocrisy

I read in USA Today that President Obama is going to use the Bibles of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. to swear on when he is inaugurated tomorrow. I wonder how much money the MLK foundation received for the use of the Bible. Obama is such an incredible hypocrite – how he can […]

Thoughts on Individuality and Guns

After some reflection, it occurred to me that there might be some “holes” in Mark Ames’ arguments that needed to be addressed.  He seems to be making the argument that it is in the best interests of the ruling elite to have the serfs arguing amongst themselves while the elites run off with all of […]

Another Take on Newtown

I actually found this piece before the one that I posted portions of in my last post, but now that I’ve read Mark Ames’ essay and re-read this one, I see that this one is tightly related to Ames’ piece.  How are they related?  Here, read this excerpt: “This points us to a set of […]

Guns and Politics

I haven’t posted since December 4th of last year for several reasons.  The first is that I got a new Mac mini on December 16 and it took me three weeks to get most of the bugs worked out so that it was useable.  I’ll not buy another Apple product, that much I can tell […]

Why I Refuse to Vote Any Longer

I’ve been thinking about my refusal to vote and why I made that decision. It has to do with my growing realization that the entire deck of cards is stacked against ordinary mortals and I simply refuse to have anything more to do with that stack of cards. I voted for Jill Stein as a […]

To Hell With It All

I took off for Floyd on October 31 and returned on November 7. Got a lot done and got a break from the intellectual journey that I’ve been on. That partly explains why I didn’t post the previous piece sooner – I got side-tracked by the election and its repercussions. I strongly supported Jill Stein […]