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Ambushed by Confirmation Bias

It was good to go to Floyd – I got to take a break from the intellectual journey that I’ve been on and about which I wrote the post How Far I’ve Journeyed. The break allowed what I’d read to bounce around my brain and led me in a new direction. Perhaps I should say […]

How Far I’ve Journeyed

Is there such a thing as a “pre-script”? After all, there is such a thing as a post-script! I’ve not fired up MarsEdit, my blogging software, for almost a month, as you can see by the dates in the following post. I obviously meant to post it, but I didn’t. So here it is, Thanksgiving […]

Wisdom from Ernest Callenbach

Epistle to the Ecotopians By Ernest Callenbach [This document was found on the computer of Ecotopia author Ernest Callenbach (1929-2012) after his death.] To all brothers and sisters who hold the dream in their hearts of a future world in which humans and all other beings live in harmony and mutual support — a world […]

Stickers and Boomers

Some trenchant observations from Wendell Berry, delivered on April 23, 2012 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.: Wendell E. Berry Lecture “Because a thing is going strong now, it need not go strong for ever,” [Margaret] said. “This craze for motion has only set in during the last […]

Permaculture in the City

For more videos like this, go here.

A Provocative Presentation

I started this blog in September, 2008 because I was terrified of what Sarah Palin represented. For quite awhile, I struggled to put into words what I stood for, politically. I studied conservatism, liberalism, and a lot of other “isms” and have come to the conclusion that I am none of the above. I am […]

Making Biochar

After some thought and some research, I’ve changed my mind about buying lump charcoal. It really isn’t that hard to make your own but there are some “start-up” costs involved. Humans have been making charcoal for thousands of years and it is likely that the dark soils known as terra preta in the Amazon (and […]

Biochar: Make It or Buy It?

Biochar, as I wrote in the previous post, is identical to charcoal, at least when viewed under a microscope. What is different about biochar is that to be called that by the International Biochar Intiative, it must be used as a soil amendment for agricultural or environmental gain. As I wrote in the last post, […]

What is Biochar?

Erich Knight, who commented on my previous post in great detail, supplied some further resources to read and study so that I could better understand this phenomenon called biochar. The first question that I had was really basic: what is biochar? Well, it isn’t terra preta (terra preta is an Amazonian soil that has high […]

BioChar and Soil Fertility

Several years ago, I read an article on something called terra preta. Intrigued, I looked for information out on the Internet and found very little, other than the fact that terra preta is Portuguese for “dark earth” and that the pre-historic inhabitants of the Amazonian rain forest had manufactured it and used it as a […]