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Pessimism or Reality?

James Howard Kunstler is well known for his gloomy outlook, but I often think it is justified. I was delighted to read his post, The Choices We Make, which starts off like this: “The misalignment of politics and reality threatens to scuttle both major parties, but it’s especially gratifying to see the Republicans sail off […]

A Challenging Film

Watch at your peril – you might not vote for the Republican or the Democratic candidate if you absorb the truths in this film. I started almost four years ago being very upset with Palin and look where I am now. Some will say that I’ve gone over the edge – that it can’t be […]

Luddites Rejoice!

Do you despair when you see people sleep-walking down sidewalks because they are staring at their iPods or tuning out with their ears plugged with little white things? Tired of being inundated with e-mails, twitters, face-books and other nasties? Annoyed that people pay more attention to TV than to you when you are trying to […]

The Ratchet Effect

Yet another chapter from Michael J. Smith’s online book, Stop Me Before I Vote Again. In this chapter, Smith implies why it is so important to vote for third parties – they drag the consensus away from what the duopoly says is reality. Read it and then think about the effects of the controversy over […]

Happy New Year

Make that Happy Friggin’ New Year. Your president just signed the indefinite detention act and sold your rights, both civil and legal, right down the damn river. Indefinite detention for American citizens is now the law. And of course, the man you worship as a hero did the dastardly act on New Year’s Eve, when […]

What is to be Done?

I am so very impressed with Michael J. Smith’s online book, Stop Me Before I Vote Again. I’ve encountered much opposition to my decision to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary (how dare you!!) and for my decision to vote for a third party in the general election next fall. But I’m unmoved […]

Voting Against Our Self-Interests

I’ve posted before on this topic, asking why people consistently vote against their own self-interests. My conclusion in the past has been the same as that of Annie, in the following article. Lots of liberals and progressives have shared our opinion. I never had an answer to my own question – my response was an […]

Documentary on Iran

With all of the saber-rattling going on vis-a-vis Iran, I thought that I’d provide a link to what I thought was a balanced view of the country of Iran. I don’t know a lot about Iran, other than that it is a Persian country whose language is Farsi, not Arabic. Steve Ricks, the narrator, is […]

Outing the Ringers

From Jay Smooth’s Ill Doctrine, a hip hop video blog:

Occupy Wall Street Writ Large

As I read more about the Occupy Wall Street movement, I am asking myself questions about the Masters of the Universe that they are protesting against. How did these people/organizations come to be? That, of course, is an enormously complex question and parts of the answer come from scholars who have labored for many years […]