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Fortune’s Fools

While cleaning out my inbox, I came across an unsubscribe request to Cyrano’s Journal and decided to re-subscribe to it. I sent a link to the site to a friend of mine and she came back with a glowing review of an essay she had found on the site. I read it and agreed. It […]

Why I Refuse to Vote Any Longer

I’ve been thinking about my refusal to vote and why I made that decision. It has to do with my growing realization that the entire deck of cards is stacked against ordinary mortals and I simply refuse to have anything more to do with that stack of cards. I voted for Jill Stein as a […]

Move Your Money

As the banking industry consolidated in the late 1990s, the bank that I had been with for years became some other bank and then another bank before it ended up being Bank of America. I left Bank of America when I got distracted by a video commercial on their ATM machine and left my ATM […]