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Posts from ‘February, 2012’

The Occupy Movement and Eugene V. Debs

I cast my first vote in a presidential election for George McGovern. For three decades afterwards, I was a reliable and strong supporter of the Democratic Party. That support started to waver in 2004, when I voted for change and didn’t get it. I voted for change in 2006 and didn’t get it. I voted […]

Pessimism or Reality?

James Howard Kunstler is well known for his gloomy outlook, but I often think it is justified. I was delighted to read his post, The Choices We Make, which starts off like this: “The misalignment of politics and reality threatens to scuttle both major parties, but it’s especially gratifying to see the Republicans sail off […]

A Challenging Film

Watch at your peril – you might not vote for the Republican or the Democratic candidate if you absorb the truths in this film. I started almost four years ago being very upset with Palin and look where I am now. Some will say that I’ve gone over the edge – that it can’t be […]

Luddites Rejoice!

Do you despair when you see people sleep-walking down sidewalks because they are staring at their iPods or tuning out with their ears plugged with little white things? Tired of being inundated with e-mails, twitters, face-books and other nasties? Annoyed that people pay more attention to TV than to you when you are trying to […]