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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

Where is Charles Dickens?

I came across this article on Sam Smith’s site – he’s a veteran journalist who doesn’t suffer the fools we have in this country lightly. We really do need another Charles Dickens to say, “Bah, Humbug!” to these moral cretins in the GOP. The GOP’s campaign of Scrooges Sam Smith I thought there was something […]

A Warning for Kindle Users

Neo-Luddite that I am (I haven’t owned a TV for over 20 years), I greeted the arrival of Kindles and their ilk with great suspicion. Now, courtesy of an article which appeared on the website of Campaign for America’s Future, I’ve been vindicated. The warning: “At this rate, the “Firemen” in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 […]

Sayings of Chairman Obama

For background information about the scene portrayed in the photograph, go here.

None of the Above

From kabuki7 at Daily Censored: While the liberal and conservative constituencies in our country have legitimate differences in how the country should be governed, one thing all Americans can agree on is our current political system is broken, corrupted by money, and that it no longer serves the interests of citizens. Our current system is […]

Chomsky on Democracy

“I mean, what are the elections? You know, two guys, same background, wealth, political influence, went to the same elite university, joined the same secret society where you’re trained to be a ruler – they both can run because they’re financed by the same corporate institutions. At the Democratic Convention, Barack Obama said, ‘only in […]

Is This Necessary?

I’m disheartened, to say the least, to see police engage in this kind of activity. Is it really necessary? The body language of the police officer is telling – he looks as though he is spraying roaches. Can anyone tell me why this is necessary? My heart cries for this country. Is this what it […]

Obama the Savior

Vote third party.

Had Enough Yet?

A press release from Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah: Have you had enough? New Party on the horizon The former Mayor of Salt Lake City and Executive Director of High Road for Human Rights, Rocky Anderson, calls for the formation of a new political party and a sustained movement committed to […]