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Posts from ‘August, 2011’

The Right’s Battering Ram

I’ve been on a tear lately, but I’m not stopping. I’m beyond furious with Obama and his minions and my agenda is to expose them and all the right-wing crap that they stand for. Anyone with a shred of decency and concern for their children and grandchildren needs to stop and take a very, very […]

Manufacturing Consent

This is an interesting article, from Al Jazeera, of course, on how the corporate media in this country marginalizes dissent. If you plan on voting for Obama, do yourself a favor and at least read the article – it just might begin to show you that what pollutes the airwaves and print media in this […]

The Big Plan

It is apparent, looking back, that Obama had plans to gut Social Security from the very beginning of his administration. It’s just that we were so happy that W. was out of office that we weren’t paying attention. Plus, we actually believed all that crap about “change you can believe in” and “audacity of hope” […]

Worse Than Hoover

The title of the article caught my eye – what is that about, I thought. So I proceeded to read it and had my eyes further opened about Obama. It’s rather long, but it is an easy read and I think my readers (those few that stop by!) would enjoy it. For the life of […]

Michael Hudson on Obamanomics

I admire Michael Hudson’s economic analysis – he makes it easy to understand and draws together ideas that I can’t make sense of. Along with Joseph Stiglitz, Michael ranks right up there in progressive economic analysis – above Paul Krugman, in my opinion. This article appeared on the website of Global Research and was written […]

Still Gonna Vote for Obama?

An excerpt from an article written by Matt Tabibi and quoted in an excellent article by Glenn Greenwald at Salon.com: “Now, Barack Obama has surrendered control of the budget to the Tea Party. . . . Commentators everywhere are killing the president for his seemingly astonishing level of ball-less-ness. . . . The Democrats aren’t […]

Jerry Mander on Media

Way back in 1977, Jerry Mander published a book entitled Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. In the book, he asserts: 1. While television may seem useful, interesting, and worthwhile, it actually lays the foundations for autocratic control by altering the physical and mental reactions of viewers to their environment. 2. By setting up […]