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Posts from ‘August, 2011’

10 Lessons for Verizon Strikers

I’ve altered the title of the article that I’m linking to, because I think those who support the strikers at Verizon (I do!) should know about these facts and study them. One of them is this: in 1937, when the economy crashed again (like it will now, now that Obama and the Republicans are cutting […]

Iris Dement

I never heard of Iris Dement before, but this song really speaks to our present predicament. The first 30 seconds or so of the video is shaky, but after that it’s O.K. In 1997, Forida State senator John Grant, after hearing the song played on public radio station WMNF in Tampa, got a $104,000 grant […]

Making Sense Out of Nonsense

Since the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros. in October of 2008, we’ve been subjected to one shock after another and most of us have tuned out and focused on survival in a grim jobs market. That is understandable behavior, even if it is a bit unproductive, because, as the election season ramps up, Americans are at […]

Thanks, Tea Party

From Politico: A Standard & Poor’s director said for the first time Thursday that one reason the United States lost its triple-A credit rating was that several lawmakers expressed skepticism about the serious consequences of a credit default — a position put forth by some Republicans. Without specifically mentioning Republicans, S&P senior director Joydeep Mukherji […]

Eugene Debs

It should be quite clear to anyone who reads this blog that I don’t like Obama, for reasons that I’ve posted about for more than a year. The lines are being drawn for the elections in 2012 and there are an awful lot of people out there who still cling to the idea that Obama […]

Fighting Corporatocracy

The water in the pot has been simmering for some time now, but it is starting to boil. I am finding more and more evidence that people are waking up and are starting to connect the dots. In an effort to spread the word (or stir the pot, take your pick!), I’m re-posting this article, […]

Sounds Right to Me

For those who would like a Marxist perspective on the so-called “debt crisis”, read the work of Richard D. Wolff. His website has lots and lots of thought-provoking articles, unlike the kind that you read in the main stream media, which largely repeat what Tea Party zealots hear on their favorite right-wing talk radio stations. […]

CWA Strikes Verizon

I went to work this morning, unaware that the Communications Workers of America (CWA) had struck Verizon. I should know – I work for AT&T, whose workers are also represented by the CWA. But I didn’t and that says volumes about the local that represents my work group. But that is another story for another […]

Quote from Howard Zinn

“Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their governments and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people are obedient all over […]

Reality Comics

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