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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Obomber Strikes Again

As if Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan were not enough to keep the Military Industrial Congressional Complex busy in this country, we are now engaged in spending more hundreds of millions of dollars that we can’t afford to spend in yet another ill-advised war. A war that candidate Obama said he was forbidden to start without […]

The Ruling Class in America

Last fall, I posted two essays, one by Michael Ventura and the other by Chris Hedges, that presented an analysis of the political system in this country that few other writers dare to address. I found another one, though: Joe Bageant. I’ve read his essays over the years, but I do find him rather bleak […]

Democracy School

Tired of giant corporations making decisions that adversely affect your quality of life? Do something about it. Watch this video and then go to the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund website and learn more.