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Posts from ‘December, 2010’

Give It Some Thought

More from Chris Hedges

On November 28th, I posted an excerpt from Chris Hedges’ book, Death of the Liberal Class. I was so impressed with that excerpt that I bought a copy of the book and am reading it now. All I can say is that Chris Hedges is spot on. He nails it. I am going to post […]

Something to Consider

I’m posting this piece, not because I agree with the author’s prescription for change, but because it illustrates the frustration so widely spread these days. Organizing “radical acts of civil disobedience to disrupt our current political system” will bring about repression, not change. Lots of us voted for change in 2004, 2006, 2008, and last […]

Give ‘Em Hell, Bernie!

It’s about time that a politician got some spine: If he keeps it up, no doubt his seat will be in the cross-hairs of the wealthy who run this country. Can’t have anyone speaking truth to power, now, can we? Update 12/14/2010: Download the full transcript of Sanders’ two hour speech on December 10, 2010. […]

Inverted Totalitarianism

I came across this most excellent analytical piece while reading responses to a blog post. Note well: this article was written in May, 2003, seven-and-one-half years ago. Tell me, is this an eerily prescient article or not? Sheldon Wolin is the author and the article appeared in The Nation magazine on May 19, 2003: Inverted […]