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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

The Death of the Liberal Class

I’m on a temporary roll! I’ve posted pieces by Chris Hedges before, to cries of despair from some of my readers, who think that Mr. Hedges is too pessimistic and too dark. Perhaps he is, but we live in pessimistic and dark days and he is merely forcing us to look in the mirror, which […]

American Oligarchy

I’ve not posted for a good while for two reasons: first, I’m exceedingly weary of the finger-pointing and the character assassination going on in the political arena and second, I’m weary of trying to enlighten otherwise reasonable people of the truth of what is going on these days. That is, until I ran across this […]

The Bozone Layer

Recently, a friend sent me a list of neologisms that were the result of a contest that the Washington Post allegedly sponsored (not really true). One of the neologisms, bozone, struck me as being quite apropos of what took place earlier this month. The definition of bozone, according to the list, is “the substance surrounding […]

Election 2010

The American electorate, like a three-year-old child, threw a temper tantrum yesterday and jumped right back into the swamp that they were in two years ago. Now that the Republicans control the House and have narrowed the lead of the Democrats in the Senate, will they suddenly transform from the Party of No into the […]