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Posts from ‘September, 2010’

Creative Landmine Removal Solution

Landmines have a very long history. The first mines were apparently designed and built by the Chinese in the 13th century. Deadly during the wars in which they were buried, they remain deadly for decades afterwards, maiming and killing civilians by the hundreds. For that reason, the Ottawa Treaty, which only covers anti-personnel mines, was […]

Charter for Compassion

I have abhorred bigotry and hatred since long before I started this blog two years ago. But alarm over what Sarah Palin represents spurred the creation of this blog. Nothing that I have posted over the intervening two years seems to have made even a small dent in the ever-increasing atmosphere of hate that poisons […]

The Driveway in Summer

Foolish me! When I saw the disturbed soil along the edges of the driveway in early April, I thought that I might have to have someone scatter grass seed in those raw areas to prevent erosion. Nope. Problem solved – just wait for Nature to take over. I don’t know all of the plants that […]