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  1. The only reason I know I have oak trees here is because of the acorns, lol. Someday when I have time I’d like to learn all about the trees and weeds and shrubs. I know we have one dogwood. Actually I think it got crushed this year from a falling pine. It was very small and growing sideways and I see the pine is covering it now. I also think I have a persimmon but there hasn’t been any fruit on it. I love my cherry trees. It amazes me that I can actually get plenty of fruit to eat from them. Coming from the city, these things delight me.

  2. I don’t know my oaks either. I do remember the stunning live oaks in Texas when I lived there. I would love to take a guided tree identification walk sometime.

    Hey, all I could find out about those flamingos at Floydfest were that they were likely made in Mexico. I asked a guy who was selling chickens made the same way.

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