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Posts from ‘April, 2010’

An Interesting Essay

Following up on the previous post, in which Charles Freeman decries the militarization of foreign policy, I offer this piece that I found on the Who What Why website, a new site to me. There is another essay at that site on the influence of international finance on the political agenda in this country that […]

The State of the Union According to Charles Freeman

Remember Charles Freeman? The man that President Obama wanted for the position of the Chair of the National Intelligence Council? The man who was forced to decline the nomination because of a withering attack by the beltway pundits who did not care to hear the truth? Well, he’s still around and he’s still tilting at […]

The Fallacies That Tea Partiers Believe In

It seems as though the Tea Party people are still hot on the trail of socialism and communism in this country. Good luck finding any of either, unless they are looking for socialism for the rich. They’ll find plenty of that – just follow the latest about Goldman Sachs and John Paulson. If you listened […]

The Tragedy of Empire

My opposition to the war in Afghanistan should be well known to long-time readers of this blog. There is a movement building across the country to put, in concrete terms, the amount of money being wasted on that boondoggle. A new video trailer from the Rethink Afghanistan project is an eye-opener. It wouldn’t hurt to […]

A Good Time of Year

I never gave the slightest thought, when I selected my vacation last fall, that this time of the year was Spring Break and Easter. That fact led to some re-scheduling and delays because folks were out of town, but I managed to get everything done that I wanted to accomplish. The weather was extremely hot […]

Destroying Rose Bushes on the Pasture Edge

In various pictures posted so far, you can see a pasture in the distance. It is not part of my property, but I am on good terms with the owner. I asked him if I could go after the multiflora rose on the edge of his pasture, both to prevent a source of re-seeding on […]

The Return of the Bull Hog

Last summer, I engaged the services of Sutherland, LLC, which owns a Bull Hog machine, to clear thickets of multiflora rose and oriental bittersweet. The thickets were so dense that once they were finished, I really couldn’t see what else needed to be done until the leaves fell last fall. When I visited in November, […]

The Driveway, Extended

When I got the first part of the driveway finished in late 2008, I was unsure where the house site would be and thus didn’t know the route of the driveway. I made that decision early last summer and a neighbor cut the trees in the way for firewood. Unless the house site changes, which […]

Wild Garlic

I learned about this plant shortly after buying my property in early 2008 but never did any research on it. I was told that it was wild onion, but upon closer inspection, I think it is wild garlic, which is in the same family. I would have to see it in flower to be certain. […]


In a lot of respects, visiting in early April was beneficial – the flower of the bloodroot plant does not last that long – it blooms from March until May, so I caught it pretty much in the middle of its blooming period. The flower petals are shed within a couple of days of pollination […]