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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

13 Bankers

I’ve subscribed to The Baseline Scenario for over a year now. I find it to be a very balanced and informative source of information about how we got into the financial straits that we are in. The authors (Simon Johnson and James Kwak), along with a number of well-read readers who leave comments, also provide […]

Community Orchards

A friend sent me an e-mail, asking me to vote for a local park’s application to have a free fruit orchard planted by the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. I had never heard of the organization but after looking into it, I think both its work and its mission deserve wider attention. Many of us have […]

Authoritarianism in America

I have long been fascinated with the rise of authoritarianism in this country – there are a number of links on the sidebar of this blog that direct interested readers to more information on the subject of authoritarianism. The following essay, by Henry A. Giroux, appeared on Truthout on February 15, 2010. I am posting […]

Health Care Reform?

Are you confused by all the noise surrounding the passage of Obama’s health care reform bill? Would you like to educate yourself about the issue? You can do that, but it requires the ability to read and think, both sorely lacking these days, it appears. An excellent place to start is the website of the […]

Move Your Money

As the banking industry consolidated in the late 1990s, the bank that I had been with for years became some other bank and then another bank before it ended up being Bank of America. I left Bank of America when I got distracted by a video commercial on their ATM machine and left my ATM […]

The Party of No

Joel Pett is a cartoonist whose work frequently appears in the newspaper, USA Today. This particular cartoon appeared on December 7, 2009.

Thoughts on Health Care Reform

A friend sent me an amusing list of quotes that was entitled, “When Insults Had Class”. Here are some that apply to the Tea Baggers, who are heading for the cliff in their venomous denunciations of any and all persons who don’t also vilify those who think as they do. “They never open their mouths […]

This Guy Is a Conservative??

I subscribe to a feed from Off-Grid, a source of information for people who are into self-sufficiency, gardening, building their own homes, photovoltaics, solar energy, and related topics. The most recent issue to land in my in-box featured a link to a Time Magazine article by Reihan Salam, entitled The Dropout Economy. I read the […]