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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Morning Has Broken

I went to church this morning. Paging through the hymnal, I was surprised to see “Morning Has Broken”, a song I always associated with Cat Stevens, who has since changed his name to Yusuf Islam. The song has always been one of my favorites, but I didn’t know that it was a religious hymn. It […]

What Does “Economic Recovery” Mean?

Brian McLaren is a controversial figure in the Emerging Church movement. Whatever you might think of his theology, you have to respect his appeal to many who belong to Generation X. I found this commentary by Brian and thought that it expressed some ideas that deserve wider consideration. I’m posting it here in the hopes […]

Jeff’s Apple Pie

Yes, I know there are thousands of recipes out there for apple pie, but mine has always gotten rave reviews, so I’ll post the recipe to see if people were just being nice. I like it and I think you will, too. The recipe is a modification of one that my Mother baked when I […]

In a Dark Time

I never developed an appreciation for poetry, but from time to time, I stumble across a poem that is just so …. right … that I am stunned by its insightfulness. Such is In a Dark Time, by Theodore Roethke. In a Dark Time In a dark time, the eye begins to see, I meet […]

What Is Causing the Deficit?

I found an interesting article, courtesy of The Baseline Scenario, that counters the right-wing populist assertion that the soaring national deficit is all because of Obama’s out-of-control spending. The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, which is obviously not a conservative think tank, nonetheless produces substantive, well-researched reports. I am posting a portion of a […]

Just a Thought ….

This year, many people have been forced to cut back on the consumerism that drove Christmases past. Maybe it would do us all good to read what a Catholic priest has to say about Christmas. This article appeared in the November/December 2008 issue of Tikkun Magazine. Is Christmas Christian? by Fr. Richard Rohr As a […]

Why I Can Not Support Obama

By nature, I’m one who thinks humans are mostly good and that belief has led to severe disappointments over the years, most recently in February of this year. A number of years ago, a supervisor whom I was filling in for told me that he had a better understanding of human nature because he was […]

Liberals Are Useless

I’ve posted pieces by Chris Hedges before – a little goes a long way. But I’m sufficiently ticked off by Obama’s Afghanistan surge to post another of Hedges’ pieces and I’ve even borrowed the title of his article as the title of this post because I think it is provocative enough to catch people’s attention. […]

Did Obama Get Back-Stabbed?

Some will say that I’m beating a dead horse, that, yes, we all know you oppose Obama’s Afghanistan policy. True enough. But I think articles like the following, by Mark Perry, need to be distributed widely so that an informed citizenry (yes, that could be an oxymoron!) can better evaluate what is transpiring in Washington. […]

An Explanation & Apology

My last post was, as a friend has repeatedly told me in the past, shrill. In my defense, I was filled with despair when I posted it. When I wrote, “You lie!!!”, I meant it very seriously, on multiple counts, unlike Representative Joe Wilson’s outburst some weeks ago, who was only concerned with the immigration […]