Two Small Creations

Touchstone, like most craft schools, holds a weekly auction of student work as a fund-raiser for the school. Every Thursday evening, when classes are in session, there is an auction of student work. Sometimes, the auctions are quite lively and Continue reading →

Thad Mosley

Tomorrow is long past – sorry about that! I’ve been trying to create a post about Thad Mosley, but I find it hard to do so. How is it possible, in a mere blog post, to capture the essence of Continue reading →

Year Three

Pete Sternisha, a fellow student, arrived at Touchstone shortly before I did and, since we couldn’t check in yet, we wandered over to the firewood pile, where we had both found treasures in previous years. Pete pointed out a piece Continue reading →

Moving Out

I left Floyd on the morning of June 28th, heading for Touchstone, after feasting on a huge biscuit from the Blue Ridge Restaurant. They make the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten! My only complaint about the restaurant is that I Continue reading →

Roadside Flowers

Doesn’t it always happen? You’re driving along and you see the prettiest flower on the side of the road and you can’t stop or pull over to take a closer look. It happened to me quite frequently on this trip, Continue reading →

Sign of the Times?

I did a lot of research before buying property in Floyd County, investigating the lifestyles of the residents and learning a little bit about their culture. I have friends who have retired to Asheville and I had been looking there, Continue reading →


On prior visits, I had seen a few mushrooms here and there, scattered about the property. They must have been pretty hardy, since my prior visits were in early Spring and late Fall, judging by the number of mushrooms I Continue reading →