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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

The Quiet Coup

In my last post, I lashed out at the ignorance of those who participated in the Tax Day Tea Party protests. I don’t apologize for that – it is time to start calling the regressives on their agenda. For a different perspective on the power of the financial elite, you could do worse than to […]

Fair Taxes and Tea Parties

I’m going to start this post off with a documentary created in 1982 by People for the American Way. It is 28 minutes long and is narrated by Burt Lancaster and documents the founding of the religious right, which, despite the election of President Obama, still controls political dialogue in this country. Pay particular attention […]

A Letter From Bernie Sanders

The following is a letter from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). What do you think? Representative Spencer Bachus is one of the only people I know from Alabama. I bet I’m the only socialist he knows. I’m certainly the only one the congressman from Birmingham could name after darkly claiming that there are 17 socialists lurking […]

The Fair Tax Myth

In a comment on my post “Tea Party Tax Protests and Reality”, Debi asks, “Jeff, what is wrong with the Fair Tax?” I replied without really investigating the Fair Tax and made some assumptions that were probably not correct. You know what assume does, don’t you? Makes an a** out of you and me, right? […]

Getting Rid of YouTube Ratings and Titles

When YouTube started making the star ratings and titles the default for the videos available from its site, I quit posting the videos on my blog. I also wrote a post in protest, not that that did any good. Being an artist, I couldn’t tolerate the visual crudeness that the clutter added to my blog. […]

Tea Party Tax Protests and Reality

A good friend of mine, who has friends who are active in the Tea Party movement, stopped to chat today and asked me if I could find a source of information that would refute her friend’s claim that no part of the personal income tax that we pay goes towards anything other than paying the […]

GOP Regressives on Militarism and Hypocrisy

The fallout from Glenn Beck and his 912 Project, the Tax Day Tea Parties, and the discovery of Dr. Partridge’s book, Conscience of a Progressive continues. Long ago, I posted several items about George Lakoff and his concept of framing and I encountered his ideas once again while exploring Dr. Partridge’s writings further. In his […]

Is the Religious Right Christian?

After I discovered Ernest Partridge’s Crisis Papers website, I did a little exploring and discovered his book, Conscience of a Progressive, which is a book in progress. Dr. Partridge has decided to not post to the Crisis Papers website as frequently as he has in the past so that he has more time to devote […]

A Proposal for Tea Party Attendees

I’ve watched a few videos of the Tea Party rallies around the country and what strikes me about almost all of them is that there is an inchoate rage against the government. People are furious about the approach that the Federal government has taken to resolve the financial crisis but they lack the education and […]

What I Think About Tea Party Rallies